Niwa Thai & Japanese Classy Cuisine


Ristorante Thai a Firenze

Florence’s first Thai restaurant meets authentic Japanese tradition, creating a place that goes beyond the concept of an ethnic and fusion restaurant.

Inside a softly designed and pleasant space, in a warm, refined and intimate atmosphere, you can enjoy succulent and delicious dishes, aromatic and carefully prepared in both taste and appearance. Sushie and pad thai meet in a corner of the Orient in Florence.

Niwa Restaurant

Unique proposals, recipes from the past and creative interpretations served by always putting the guest at the centre. Our guests’ thoughts guide us in the choice of raw materials, so basic to sushi as to create that explicit juxtaposition of flavours that is typical of Thai food.

Similarly, the same idea moves our chefs and wait staff, to craft each evening a unique and exclusive collection of sensations and emotions.

Niwa Restaurant
Niwa Restaurant

Chiwit Sabai Sabai

savour the carefree.

Prepare to marvel at a finally new and genuine experience.


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19:00 - 23:30

Wednesday through Sunday
12:00 - 14:30
19:00 - 23:30