Niwa Thai & Japanese Classy Cuisine

Thai restaurant in Florence

The first Thai restaurant in Florence meets Japanese cuisine

Niwa was the first Thai restaurant in Florence, and is to this day the only one to combine the authenticity of true Thai gastronomic culture with a Japanese proposal. In Florence, and in the middle of the Orient at the same time.

Crossing the threshold of the Niwa restaurant you will set your feet in oriental territory, you will be transported by the furnishings and the intimate atmosphere to an authentic setting, where the first concern is the sacredness of welcoming the guest. You will be guided into an exclusive and all-encompassing sensorial experience, achieved by the fortunate encounter of traditional Thai dishes with sushi, sashimi, rolls, uramaki, tempura, authentic and homemade recipes presented with star-studded platters, accompanied by innovative proposals.

Niwa Restaurant

Niwa means ‘garden‘ in Japanese, which is why you will be surrounded by vertical gardens, plants and leaves inlaid in wood.

To welcome you you will find Michela and Qian, two perfect guides for an exploration of succulent tastes in constant tension between opposing flavours, scenic and colourful presentations, the two people who have created a new form of conviviality.

Niwa Restaurant
Niwa Restaurant

Sit down at your table, look around and let the details of the fine wallpaper take over.

“Mai Pen Rai”: relax. Everyday life remains outside the restaurant door, you are here to devote yourself only to your journey of taste, pleasure and well-being.


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19:00 - 23:30

Wednesday through Sunday
12:00 - 14:30
19:00 - 23:30