Niwa Thai & Japanese Classy Cuisine

Ethnic restaurant in Florence

Ethnic by vocation, Thai by inspiration, international by definition

Niwa was the first Thai restaurant in Florence. It was born from the dream of Qian’s father, who learned the secrets of this ancient and renowned cuisine in Thailand and then chose to bring them to Italy. Niwa was born as a garden, a place where relationships and relations between people blossomed, where some met for their first romantic dinner, others celebrated a graduation and still others the simplest and most beautiful friendship. An ethnic restaurant that merges several cultures and generations.

Today, Michela and Qian retrace what is already a family history and a Florentine institution, to enhance suggestions from the past, starting with the famous green tea tiramisu, and new preparations, in which they discover unexplored corners of Asia.

Niwa Restaurant

Michela and Qian met thanks to their shared passion for Eastern countries and together they went on their honeymoon to Thailand, to experience its gastronomic tradition, learn its canons in the kitchen and create a new taste experience in Florence. Niwa has renewed itself, in the furnishings, the menu and the wine list, leaving the same cornerstone: the welcome for guests.

Niwa Restaurant
Niwa Restaurant

Arai Koh Dai, you choose what you want to taste tonight, our commitment will be to let you experience an exclusive adventure, to touch a corner of the Orient for the first time.


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